State Clemency Guide

This website is the first comprehensive, nationwide database providing information on state clemency and commutation of sentence. This website is not maintained by a government agency. These webpages attempt to give state prisoners (and their attorneys, families and friends) only the basic information they need to apply to the Governor or other proper authority of the state where a prisoner is housed to get an early release from prison through a commutation of sentence. It provides samples of the actual forms required by the states where they are available.

We do not participate in making any clemency decisions. DO NOT send any clemency papers to us. We don't provide representation to individuals. We are not equipped to assist you in solving your clemency application problems.

Please note that the pages on this website are only intended to be a research tool for people interested in state clemency procedures. Applicants should always contact their state board or agency to confirm the clemency process. Applicants should also take extra care to ensure they have the most up-to-date application forms. Clemency policies change often and CJPF cannot be held liable for the accuracy of the information provided below.


State by State Guide to Restoration of Rights including Pardon Procedures
By Margaret Colgate Love, NACDL Restoration of Rights Resource Project
This comprehensive guide provides details on the process of seeking a pardon for state offenders in all 50 states.

State Expungement Guide

State Guide to Expungement
By Nina Courtney, President, Papillon Foundation
This comprehensive guide provides details on the process of expunging a criminal record in all 50 states.