A Challenge of Values Criminal Justice: Retribution vs. Restoration. New York: Haworth Press. 
This paper argues that the war on drugs is based on retributive values that are illogical, burden the criminal justice system, and are ineffective in reducing drug-related harm. It demonstrates that anti-drug policy has resulted in dramatically increased incarceration for blacks since 1970 and concludes that the war on drugs has become a punishment substitute for segregation.

Racially Disproportionate Outcomes in Processing Drug Cases - Eric E. Sterling. An 8-page report describing the disproportionate impact of drug prosecutions on African-Americans and other racial minorities. Reports the data on the increasing and gross racial disparity at every stage in the processing of drug cases – from arrest to incarceration.


Civil Liberties

The Bill of Rights: A Casualty of the War on Drugs? Vital Speeches of the Day. Delivered by Eric E. Sterling at the 92nd convention of the Colorado Bar Association, Aspen, Colorado. Puts forth the thesis that 'the most tragic casualties of the 'war on drugs' are our constitutional liberties."