Law Enforcement Against Entheogens: Is it Religious Persecution?  Entheogens and the Future of Religion.
Excerpted from a chapter in the book Entheogens and the Future of Religion. Edited by Robert Forte. San Francisco, CA: Council on Spiritual Practices (1997). In the chapter by Eric E. Sterling discusses the history and nature of laws against the use of entheogens -- peyote, marijuana, and other plant materials used for spiritual purposes.

Eric E. Sterling (2000). Friendly Fire. Haverford College Alumni Magazine. (Note: Sterling is a member of the Bethesda (MD) Friends Meeting. Haverford College was founded by Quakers and is still managed in accord with Quaker Values.) 

Reuben Snake (with Eric E. Sterling) (September 29, 1990). Native American Worship With Peyote is Not Drug Abuse. This statement by Reuben Snake, Executive Director of the Native American Religious Freedom Project at the U.S. Capitol was written with the help of CJPF Executive Director Eric E. Sterling. It appeals for the protection of the religious use of peyote by Native Americans in the worship of the Native American Church of North America. This protection had been jeopardized a year earlier by a ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court. CJPF hosted and supported the Native American Religious Freedom Project.