Applicable Form of Executive Clemency: Commutation of Sentence

Eligibility: All inmates are eligible to apply.

Application Process: Although the Governor has the authority to commute sentences, he or she relies on the Board of Parole to refer cases for consideration. The process is usually initiated at the request of an inmate by his or her caseworker. The requests are made at the inmate's annual review hearing (although the Department of Corrections may recommend an earlier consideration for commutation in extraordinary circumstances).

Working with the inmate, the caseworker will prepare a commutation request to be presented in the hearing. Typical information in a commutation request package includes, but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Prison location
  • Criminal history
  • Education
  • Involvement in programs, including certificates of completion
  • Inmate's attitude toward rehabilitation
  • Recommendation of the institution
  • A letter from the inmate

Commutation of sentence requests are initially addressed before the three-member panel that conducts the inmate's annual review hearing, but may be brought before the Board prior to such hearing if the warden presents the inmate's case as a special one. If at least two members of the three-member panel recommend a commutation they may forward their recommendation to the Governor.

Before a decision is made by the Board, comment is requested from the prosecuting attorney, from the sentencing court, and from the victim or victim's family. Once all the information is reviewed by the Board, its recommendation and the file is forwarded to the Governor for determination.

Any questions should be directed to:

Wyoming Board of Parole
3120 Old Faithful Road, Suite 300
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Phone: (307) 777-5444
FAX: (307) 777-5386

Email: parole.board@wyo.gov

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