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Applicable form of Executive Clemency: Commutation of Sentence

The North Carolina Constitution vests clemency authority with the Governor in all criminal and penal cases, with certain exceptions, and under the rules and regulations prescribed by law. (North Carolina Constitution, Article III, Section 5)

Eligibility: All inmates are eligible to apply.

Application Process: There is no formal application for commutation of sentence. To apply, state law requires that a letter requesting a commutation of sentence be written to the Governor by the applicant or by someone on his or her behalf. The letter should state the reasons for seeking executive clemency as well as the applicant's current address.

The letter should be supplemented by copies of his/her indictments, plea agreements (if he/she pled guilty), and judgement and commitment papers that have been certified by the Clerk of Court as "True Copies" and bear the Court Seal. These documents can be obtained from the Clerk of Court in the county of conviction.

The Governor must also be informed of the current legal status of the applicant's conviction, whether his/her case is on appeal or is the subject of any pending motions in any court. Any information that you feel is relevant may be sent in support of your application. All documents should be mailed to:

Executive Clemency Office 
4294 Mail Service Center 
Raleigh, NC 27699-4294 
Tel: (919) 715-1695 
Fax: (919) 715-8623 

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