Applicable form of Executive Clemency: Conditional Pardon

The Governor has the sole discretion to grant conditional pardons for early release. This type of pardon carries conditions which, if violated, can result in re-incarceration.

Eligibility: All inmates are eligible to apply. Prior to applying for clemency an individual must petition for the restoration of their civil rights. Information regarding this process is located here. After a successful petition inmates may apply for clemency. Inmates denied a conditional pardon are eligible to reapply after two years from their denial.

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Application Process: To petition for a conditional pardon, send a letter to the Governor containing:

  • Full name and any previous names and aliases
  • Inmate number
  • Location(s) of incarceration
  • Date of birth 
  • Social Security number 
  • Current address 
  • Dates, courta, sentences or other dispositions of all misdemeanor and felony convictions
  • The date of parole eligibility
  • The date of mandatory release
  • A complete statement of details for each conviction 
  • Complete statement of reasons for the request

Please note: This letter serves as your official petition; there is no official form you need to fill out.

Consideration of petitions for conditional pardon takes over one year. Once a petition is received, it is reviewed. If it is determined that the case warrants investigation, the Virginia Board of Parole will conduct an investigation and issue a recommendation to the Governor. If the Governor denies the petition of pardon, there is no right of appeal

You should provide all the relevant information you wish to have considered. Please note that the petition process does not include any hearing, meeting, or conference with the petitioner or persons on the petitioner's behalf.

Conditional pardon petitions are processed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth Office. If the office finds a petition has a merit, it will conduct a thorough investigation. Except for those dealing with medical pardons, these investigations may take as long as a year to complete. If a petition is denied, another cannot be filed for two years after the date of the denial.

Questions concerning executive clemency should be addressed to:

Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth 
P.O. Box 2454 
Richmond, VA 23218-2454 
Tel: (804) 786-2441

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