Applicable Form of Executive Clemency: Commutation of Sentence

Eligibility: All inmates are eligible to apply. Unless dramatic change in circumstances or information occurs, persons are discouraged from reapplying for executive clemency within two years of a denial.

Application Process: Requests for applications may be made in writing to the Ohio Parole Board (address below). Applications must be submitted on forms approved by the Ohio Parole Board Clemency section.

The application for Executive Clemency can also be obtained by clicking here.

The applicant, or his or her legal representative, may submit a letter indicating their interest in obtaining an application form to:  

Ohio Parole Board
770 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43222

Phone: (614)752-1200

The Ohio Parole Board's full instructions and guidelines on how to apply for executive clemency are available by clicking here.

The decision for the granting or denial of commutation is solely that of the Governor. The final decision will be communicated in writing to the applicant and/or legal representative by the Governor's office.

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Last Updated: 06/23/14