Law Enforcement & Crime

The War on Drugs: Fighting Crime or Wasting Time? A debate between Congressman Bob Barr and Eric E. Sterling, Fall 2001: published by the American Criminal Law Review, Georgetown University Law Center.

Sterling, E. E. (2002, June 4). Connect the Dots: You Don't Have to be an FBI Analyst to See the Picture. Mr. Sterling writes about how drug prohibition enriches terrorists and criminals.

Sterling, E.E. & Pastore, N.(2002, May 31). Fighting Terrorism: Where should the law enforcement focus be? This piece compares the "War on Terror" with the "War on Drugs" and urges policy makers not to replace community oriented policing with anti-terrorism "super squads". 

Sterling, E.E. (2001, September 20). A Major Risk of Hasty Anti -Terrorism is Ineffectiveness. Statement by Eric E. Sterling at the Press Conference Release of the " In Defense of Freedom" statement on September 20, 2001

Legalize Drugs or Expect More Mass Graves By CJPF Executive Director Eric. E. Sterling. Los Angeles Times, December 6,1999. In the op-ed, sterling argues that our current drug policy fuels violence because it is the only means that drug traffickers have of resolving business conflicts. The op-ed also appeared in the Houston Chronicle on December 8 and in about a dozen other newspapers across the country. 

Testimony to the Subcommittee of Crime on D.E.A Oversight  on behalf of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation to the Subcommittee on Crime Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. House of Representatives on D.E.A. Oversight- July 29, 1999

The Untold Drug Bust By Eric E. Sterling. The Washington Times, September 3, 1999, p. A17. The op-ed discusses how reporting of the airline drug bust in Miami on August 25 is reminiscent of Vietnam-style "body count" journalism, and how such reports come at the expense of reporting on the more effective policies of drug prevention and treatment. A similar op-ed was published in the Salt Lake Tribune on September 5, p. AA5, and a shorter version was published as a letter to the editor in USA Today on September 13, p. 26A.

Statement of Eric E. Sterling to the Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Services and General Government of the Committee of Appropriations U.S. House of Representatives. The Testimony to Congress challenges "Drug Czar"Gen. Barry McCaffrey's contention that the U.S. is winning the drug war, and urges a more sensible and human approach to drug abuse.