Russell N. Cox

The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation mourns the death on October 20, of our most senior trustee, Russell N. Cox, of New Castle, NH.

Russ had been a leader of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation since the idea was broached in the Spring of 1988 in Boston with Robert C. Linnell. Once we opened our doors in 1989, Russ served as our de facto Managing Trustee until 2015, and was our last surviving original trustee.

Russ had a very successful career as real estate developer in the Boston area and around the country, and for many years was the partner of Bob Linnell. Russ was an active alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University School of Business. He loved to travel, hike, ski, play tennis, canoe, play guitar and sing, and spend time with his family and friends. He was profoundly generous and always filled with enthusiasm and joy. His counsel was invaluable and we will miss him greatly!

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